Push Me Journeys – a different light

Yesterday we were delighted to see our 2nd set of PUSH ME films grow in The Space to four.  Bobby Baker, Laurence Clark and Sue Austin join Rachel Gadsden in Push Me Collection – The Journey.  With another eight to be uploaded by The Space, we thought it would be timely to share with you the thinking behind these films.  We caught up with our Director, John Durrant in the edit suite to ask him more about the texture and tenure of these second more reflective shorts.

I wanted to try and capture the emotions that the artists felt when thinking about the impact that their work was having on audiences connecting with rehearsals, first performances and previews: capturing what was written on their faces and showing their very  individual mindsets.

PUSH ME has built an enthusiastic  following with our first films showing the rationale for the work.   Our second films throw a different sort of light on proceedings – a rotolight that creates an altogether different other worldy quality.

Contemplative  and questioning, the films focus on our artists at a particular point along their artistic trajectory.  Their fears, desires, hopes, reflections and questions: raw and exposed are cut with insightful links to the work in situ.

We’d really like to hear what you think about them.  We hope you’ll enjoy the full set and we’ll nudge you as they’re uploaded.  Go on, push ‘em out there.