Verdant Push

How great to see two more PUSH ME – The Journey films uploaded by the The Space team yesterday.

Join Sue Austin as she plunges into cold local waters in Dorset early this summer making a spectacle of herself to the delight of local audiences.

And when you’ve dried off , move through the concrete mass of the Southbank with Jenny Sealey  a few weeks before Unlimited proceedings commenced as she talks us through the 30 minutes of verdant loveliness planned for the Riverside Terrace with Graeae and Strange Fruit’s, The Garden.

The works of our Unlimited 12 in 90 seconds have seeded new ways of thinking.  It’s what Ruth Mackenzie speaks about in our 30 minute documentary: her desire as Director of the Cultural Olympiad to transform the way we see the work of disabled artists.

And so too Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of the Southbank who we interviewed in September withThe Garden in full and beautiful flow describing amongst other things as being a reflection of what it means to be human.

This is no accident, deaf and disabled artists in this country were already  doing amazing things but there had not been a critical mass of bringing  them altogether.

It’s this masse that has been so important in this Olympic and Paralympic year. So how we might continue to grow this extraordinary work though the PUSH ME legacy of screenings and showcase beyond this year?  We’ll be plotting in the weeks and months ahead and keep you posted.