Total Permission

screen grab of arts council england's case study page mentioning total permissionIt’s all kicking off today – Total Permission, our 30 minute documentary on the Unlimited Projects is up in The Space – AND the documentary and the PUSH ME project are one of Arts Council England’s new case studies celebrating 18 years of lottery funding and showcasing just what lottery cash can do.

In a year when disabled people are in the spotlight like never before, Total Permission is a ground-breaking new documentary released on Monday 19 November on The Space.  The documentary, commissioned for The Space, is the conclusion of the award-winning Push Me collection, a series of short films made for The Space which chart the journey of these extraordinary artists, many of whose work may not otherwise have been captured.

In so many ways, the documentary is what PUSH ME has been leading up to… it puts in context the 90 second pieces, exploring just how and why this work, and the fabulous artists who make it, is so important. We can’t say this in 90 seconds so you’ll need to give us half an hour for this one. But do. We think its worth it.