Happy New Year from PUSH ME… and from The Space

screenshot of the space including a mention of the push me collectionAnd we are very excited and delighted to be mentioned in The Space’s New Year’s message as they remind people about the PUSH ME documentary Total Permission – and also include Sue Austin’s short film and the whole of the Collection as part of their collection of highlights.

2012 was an incredible year for PUSH ME – building the team, creating relationships with our fabulous artists,  making all the shorts and the longer piece, the process of getting work into The Space and getting this blog site up and running.

In 2013, the site will be archived so that the project can remain available for research purposes, and the work will remain on The Space for the meantime – so plenty of time to catch any pieces you’ve not quite had a chance to see yet.

Oh and don’t forget that The Space is accepting proposals for new submissions that do not require further funding until 5pm, Friday 11 January.

Happy New Year all.