Pushing on

Sometimes you create work and when it stops, it stops. You reckon that was nice, and move on to the next thing. But sometimes you are involved in creating something that has a life of its own. It doesn’t stop, it keeps going – reaching out and touching new and different audiences.

The Push Me Collection of shorts and the culminating Total Permission documentary are works like this. They’ve all remained popular content on The Space and will remain there until November when all The Space content comes down (don’t worry, we are determined to make sure they all remain online and are re-homing them soon).

In addition to online views, we’ve had requests to show them in different situations - in the UK, for example, they’ve been screened as part of Disability History Month at Mshed Bristol (Jan 2013) and at Salisbury Arts Centre, and following the Disability, Arts & Diversity Symposium: 'From the Personal to the Universal' (April 2013). They’ve made their way onto training courses, looking at equality issues and also one looking at best practice for audio describing visual media content.

And they’ve been further afield too. The Collection headed out to Rio de Janeiro to Arena Pavuna, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, and SESC Madureira as part of the People’s Palace Project’s screening for the Cultural Olympic and Paralympic Forum and the content was also used here as part of a live V-J installation during the weekend (April 2013). Total Permission was also screened at the Teatro Valle Inclán, Madrid as part of “Una Mirada Diferente” (A different way of seeing things) the first ever arts & disability festival held by Centro Dramático Nacional (the Spanish national theatre), in collaboration with the British Council (June 2013). Groundbreaking.

We are determined to keep tracks on where the films get seen – although this is easier to say than to do (we know they’ve been shown a few times in India on the documentary film circuit, for example, and are trying to find out more). Basically, the films are pushing on, and still creating impact. Exactly as we hoped they would.