Biographical information: Laurence Clark

Laurence Clark is an internationally-acclaimed comedian, presenter, writer and actor who has cerebral palsy.  Originally from Manchester, and now based in Liverpool, his observational, political stand-up and hidden camera footage demonstrate the endearing naivety and ridiculousness of human behaviour by seeing the world through his eyes with its insightful humour, warmth and irreverence.

He’s performed everywhere from the House of Commons to a double-decker bus in Sheffield.  His 6 critically-acclaimed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe have gained him 21 x four-star and 3 x five-star reviews.

Laurence has been awarded Shortlist magazine’s Funniest New Comedian, and for 5 years wrote a popular blog for BBC’s Ouch website. He regularly performs and writes sketches for comedy collective Abnormally Funny People, resident at London’s Soho Theatre and won the DaDaAward for Best Performer in 2005.

One of his most (in)famous shows – The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality – was created in responses to ‘comic’ Jim Davidson cancelling a show because wheelchair users were in his audience by doing a comedy show which he vowed to cancel if Jim turned up in his audience!

Laurence’s most controversial show to date, Spastic Fantastic, followed his attempts to reclaim ‘spastic’ as someone with cerebral palsy through stand-up comedy and hidden camera stunts.  The show received no less than 8 four-star reviews and went on to tour from Telford to Tallahassee.

Laurence is also increasingly gaining television exposure. Appearances include Are You Having A Laugh? (BBC2); Embarrassing Bodies (C4); The Heaven and Earth Show (BBC1); The London Programme (ITV) and BBC 2′s Newsnight where he presented a film about disability and the Abortion Act. Laurence and his family were the subject of a BBC1 documentary screened in March 2012 as part of the Beyond Disability season called ‘Don’t Drop the Baby’ with narration by David Tennant.