Biographical information for Simon Mckeown

Simon Mckeown is a Fine Artist. His most recently exhibited work – Motion Disabled – has been shown internationally including the USA at the Smithsonian International Gallery. Simon’s work reflects his interest, knowledge and experience of Disability and in particular our view of ‘normality’ and ‘difference’. He was named DaDaFest International Artist of Year 2010-2011 with the award presented on December 3rd, the closing day of the festival at the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool – England. New work for the festival included an extension to his major work Motion Disabled featuring performer Claire Cunningham which was projected in both Liverpool and Glasgow as well as in over 20 other locations internationally.

A further commission resulted in an 8 minute animation entitled ‘All for Claire’ which was completed for the festival and show nationally across the BBC City Centre Screens during November and December 2010. This short animation was recently awarded Best Experimental Film at Deaffest 2011.

Simon is currently completing  Motion Disabled:Face which is a new startling new exhibition due for completion in December 2o11.He has just finished a short film entitled ‘The Beaten’  starring the comedian and actress Liz Carr which will be showcased during 2011.He has over 20 years experience having worked commercially completing animation and special effects for film and television as well as working with computer games giant Atari.

Recently featured on the BBC Culture Show, Simon lives in North Yorkshire and works internationally. His is also a Reader in Post Production at Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK. –  – –