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PUSH ME has been an extraordinary journey for all those involved in the process, as the blogs captured here illustrate.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what others have to say – from an early article on the Huffington Post about Dick Penny’s initial resistance to The Space, to mentions on the Guardian Cultural Professionals Network, and being selected as the first of the Arts Council’s top five picks of The Space, the project as a whole has gained positive support and attention. Its been reviewed in The Telegraph, the National Media Museum Blog, and via sites such as Shiny Potato Entertainment and Female First.

An article for NESTA on PUSH ME and its process will shortly be published and a link created.

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Insight radio feature for RNIB with Rachel Gadsden 28 November 2012

Radio Bristol feature with Dick Penny 28 November 2012

Radio Bristol feature with John Durrant 1 December 2012

Culture Show 2012 Cultural Highlights programme 5 December 2012 featured clip of Sue Austin

Guardian embed of Total Permission from 6 December 2012  (Visitor comment “Best and most meaningful thing I have watched for a long time.”)

You can still see the first collection of Push Me films on The Space:

Dig The Garden with Jenny Sealey from Graeae; skim up ropes with Ramesh Meyyappan and Skewered Snails; take part in Claire Cunningham’s Ménage à Trois; watch the disabled avatars of Simon Mckeown‘s Motion Disabled: Unlimited; Have a cup of tea with Bobby Baker and her Mad Gyms and Kitchens; Glimpse the Private Dancer unveiled by Janice Parker; Leaving Limbo Landing with Caroline Bowditch; Be as mad as a Box of Frogs with Stumble danceCircus; Dive deep with Sue Austin and ‘Creating The Spectacle!’; Get Inspired with Laurence Clark; Find Jez Colborne Irresistible; Experience the Unlimited Global Alchemy of Rachel Gadsden

And catch up with the collection of second films too - Push Me Collection: the Journey

Spend more time in The Garden with Jenny Sealey from Graeae; pick up on snails with Ramesh Meyyappan and Skewered Snails; watch Claire Cunningham and her crutches dance in Ménage à Trois; watch Simon Mckeown‘s Motion Disabled: Unlimited inflate ; Find out what makes Bobby Baker feel better; Has the Private Dancer Janice Parker gone too far this time?; Find out more about Leaving Limbo Landing with Caroline Bowditch; Find out how Stumble danceCircus‘s Box of Frogs went on; Push Sue Austin into the sea in ‘Creating The Spectacle!’; What makes Laurence Clark feel Inspired?; Why do people find Jez Colborne Irresistible; Find out more about the Unlimited Global Alchemy of Rachel Gadsden.

Or watch the 30 minute documentary – Total Permission

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