Sue Austin

‘Creating the Spectacle!’ by Sue Austin

Creating the Spectacle!’ is a ground breaking series of performances by artist Sue Austin in her self-propelled underwater wheelchair.

The swimming pool is transformed into a sub-aquatic theatre as the dramatic performance is watched by underwater and poolside audiences.

A head and shoulder shot of Mish Weaver, text reads Push Me

Box of Frogs by Stumble danceCircus

Box of Frogs is a circus show with a difference. 5 acrobats and 2 musicians play with the audience’s expectations from their own perspective of mental ill health and performance, against a back drop of filmic illusions. What is colourful character or delusional insanity? What is grand achievement or pointless obsession? Stumble will veer with absolute absorption in a fervent love of all things Circus (until the point at which we gets distracted).


Inspired by Laurence Clark

To Laurence Clark, ‘inspirational’ is a roundabout way to say he’d never amount to much but somehow he’s surpassed expectations! In his new show commissioned by Unlimited, he re-examines his life, determined to prove not every disabled person has to be inspiring!


Irresistible by Jez Colborne

Join Jez as he takes you on a musical journey of alarms, other non-traditional instruments and songs to create a breath-taking symphony! This piece is influenced by the mythical story of Odysseus, and how he survived the devastating sirens who used their beautiful hypnotic songs to lure sailors to their death.

A head and shoulders shot of caroline bowditch. text reads push me.

Leaving Limbo Landing by Caroline Bowditch

Dancers and aerialists perform in air, water and on land in Caroline Bowditch’s ambitious new outdoor production exploring people’s stories of journey and settling.


Mad Gyms and Kitchens by Bobby Baker

Prepare to be surprised and delighted, moved and enlightened as Bobby Baker demonstrates how she achieves that ultimate ‘wellbeing’ factor. From working-out to chilling out, via an extraordinary set of fantastical ‘recovery’ apparatus, Bobby’s brand new wellness roadshow investigates how to get better at feeling better – cup of tea included.

Claire Cunningham

Ménage à Trois by Claire Cunningham

A hauntingly beautiful study of love, obsession, loneliness and manipulation, Ménage à Trois is a visually stunning new piece of dance theatre from award-winning performer Claire Cunningham and choreographer and installation artist Gail Sneddon. Exploring Claire’s twenty year relationship with her crutches, this darkly humorous and deeply personal portrait asks if it’s possible to find love when there are already three of you in the relationship.

Simon McKewon

Motion Disabled: Unlimited by Simon Mckeown

Imagine taking time to look at the motion of those who move differently. What if you were invited to find the beauty, the exotic and the normal within their movements and physical form?

Using Hollywood technology, Motion Disabled Unlimited records paralympic body shapes and actions and uses 3D motion capture software.

Janice Paker

Private Dancer by Janice Parker

A dance that is never seen. alone at home, we give it our all, our best performance… ever! An extraordinary event, a real-sized luminous house and 18 eclectic performers. In a rare glimpse of a personal world you will see some very fine dancing, and be offered the treat of watching alone. We might let you in….!

Ramesh Meyyappan

Skewered Snails by Ramesh Meyyappan

Skewered Snails is the darkly comic tale of a dysfunctional family: authoritarian father, a suffocating mother and twin siblings, a boy and a barbaric girl. This is definitely not the recipe for a traditional happy family.

The son takes to the woods to live an arboreal existence following a series of brutal incidents, culminating with him being forced to eat snails and other concoctions made by his sadistic twin sister.

Jenny Sealey

The Garden by Graeae with Strange Fruit

A troupe of nomadic story-keepers (the Keeper of Dreams, Keeper of History, Keeper of Song, Keeper of Names) share three stories of love, innocence and hope. For a brief moment in time, the Keepers open their garden-ritual – a ceremony of renewal, transformation, and harmony.


Unlimited Global Alchemy by Rachel Gadsden

The myths and politics surrounding chronic health conditions and in particular HIV / AIDS, fragility, resilience and survival against the odds are placed at the heart of Rachel Gadsden’s poignant collaboration with the Bambanani Group from the Khayelitsha Township.

A block of nine images of Jo Verrent and Sarah Pickthall in conversation; text reads meet the push me curators

The Curators: Jo Verrent and Sarah Pickthall

Sarah and Jo have worked together for much of the last 10 years. PUSH ME is incredibly important to them. For them, this process is all about legacy. As these commissions impact and change the lives of the artists involved and the audiences who have contact with the work, so to does it have the power to change the arts sector and our sense of who can and can’t make exceptional art.

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As recipients of BAFTA, D&AD, Royal Television Society Awards, and Grammy and Emmy nominated work, BDH have, for over 10 years, directed commercials, created brand identities, music screen visuals, motion-graphics, ‘creative content’ for television productions and a catalogue of documentary film work.

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DAO is a unique journal for discussion of arts and culture, giving disabled and deaf artists, performers, film-makers, writers, and critics a place to talk about and share artistic practice. Its perfectly placed as a partner on PUSH ME to help us contextualise the work of our 12 artists and also to help us with managing the social media aspect of what we do.



Watershed is a cross-artform venue and producer based in Bristol, sharing, developing and showcasing exemplary cultural ideas and talent.