Cracking Chat with Mr Clark

Very little could pull the PUSH ME team away from the final packed hours of the Unlimited Festival at The Southbank but nothing was going to keep us from catching the final gig of Laurence’s Clark’s star spangled summer tour of Inspired across the river at a well known house of comedy – The Bloomsbury Theatre.

Laurence told an animated audience how a teacher at his special school had spun the intimitable phrase ‘There’s no such word as can’t’.

A master of turning the way we all sound, the things that we say and the patter of our lives into comedic relief, Laurence is the top jester of challenging these things and throwing them up in the air for our delectation.   Inspired as a comedic set is so apt at showing how warped it can sometimes feel from where he’s sitting.  Of course there’s a ‘can’t, it’s in the dictionary!

We were not disappointed.  Laurence delivered a tight show brimming with delicious quips, visuals and film developed to perfection since the previews in Cardiff and feeling very much at home at The Bloomsbury alongside other comedy greats who’ve performed there.

Laurence gave Charles Hazlewood some cracking chat and context as he explained the rationale behind the piece and there was some interesting connections between the two just a day away from the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games.  We are all thinking of what the fortune and fallout of this epic time might be in the weeks and months ahead for disabled people and their art and we’re interested to see what our PUSH ME half hour for The Space will reveal about our 12 Unlimited artists and their achievements seen through other people’s eyes when the stadium clears.